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It is no secret that an updated kitchen can add value to your home. Whether you are looking to sell or creating the gourmet kitchen of your dreams, it is worth it to plan your renovation properly.
Here are a few key things to keep in mind when remodeling your kitchen.

Establish Your Needs

The first step to tackling your kitchen renovation is to establish what you really want. Narrowing down your seemingly endless options and selecting what is important to you will be useful when defining your budget.

Here are 4 questions you can ask yourself to help pin-point your must-haves:

  • What do you not like about your current kitchen?
  • What needs to be updated?
  • If looking to sell, which updates will add the most value to your kitchen?
  • Do you plan to change the layout?

Set Your Budget

Although determining the finances needed for your project may not be as exciting as selecting the colors for your backsplash, it is equally important to the overall renovation process.
It is important to consider how long you plan to live in your home. If you plan to sell within a couple of years, explore home prices in your area and be cautious to keep your spending limit in line with the average home price.
If you plan to stay in your home for the foreseeable future, plan to set your budget in line with what you can comfortably afford to create your dream kitchen. To do this, make a list of all your debts and determine your monthly gross income. From this data, you can calculate the maximum monthly payment you can afford to spend on the renovation. Adding a cushion of 10 percent to your overall budget is recommended to account for unexpected expenses that may arise along the way.
To discuss financing options, contact a lender to guide you through the process today!

What Materials Do You Want?

Get an idea of what materials are on the market, what you like and how much they cost by visiting hardware stores and showrooms. It may also be beneficial to look at lesser expensive alternatives if cutting costs is a priority.

Hiring a Pro

Do you plan to do the work yourself or do you need help from a professional? If you’re planning an extensive kitchen makeover it may be in your best interest to hire someone to assist in making your dreams a reality.

Here is a brief overview of a few professionals in the industry and a look into how they can benefit you.

  • Architects – If planning a major overhaul, an architect will create construction drawings that are mandatory for obtaining building permits as well as assist in determining the overall design of the project. Architects are licensed by the state and have received formal schooling and experience.
  • Designers – Certified kitchen designers are also able to assist in creating construction drawings for your renovation as well as specialize in design. These individuals are required to meet certain specifications and adhere to a professional code of ethics defined by the National Kitchen & Bath Association.
  • General Contractors – These contractors oversee the construction work required for your renovation. If planning a smaller project, design services may not be necessary, and you may be able to with an experienced contractor directly.
  • Design-Build Contractors – These contractors work for firms that oversee both the design and construction aspects of a project simplifying the remodeling and building process. These contractors oversee the project from conception to completion and can make sure your project stays within budget.

Demo Day

After all the research, budgeting, and preparation it’s finally time to begin the renovation!

If you hired a contractor, there will not be much to do on your end other than clear out your cabinets and appliances. If you will be tackling the project yourself, there are a few items to take care of before beginning the demolition.

Ensure your kitchen is prepped for demo day by turning off the water, gas, and electrical.

Empty all cabinets and remove appliances.

Cover floors that aren’t being renovated.

After the kitchen is prepped, it’s time to start the demo!

Creating Your New Space

Once the kitchen has been gutted, it’s time to create your dream space in this order:

  1. Update plumbing
  2. Install lighting and electrical
  3. Hang drywall
  4. Paint walls
  5. Install flooring
  6. Install cabinetry
  7. Set the countertops
  8. Bring in the appliances
  9. Enjoy your new kitchen!

If you are looking to start a kitchen renovation and want to increase your budget, consider your loan options. For more information on conventional home loans

Preview text: It is no secret that an updated kitchen can add value to your home. Whether you are looking to sell or creating the gourmet kitchen of your dreams, it is worth it to plan your renovation properly.

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